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Garden HighPro Exhaust Fan 100-150mm


These fans can easily be installed into a grow tent ducting sleeve or can be used as a booster fan inside a length of ventilation ducting.


Garden HighPro Exhaust Fan 100-150mm

These fans are engineered to deliver exceptional performance despite their compact size.

These can be effortlessly integrated into your grow tent ducting sleeve, ensuring seamless air circulation within your growing space.

Utilise these versatile fans as boosters within your ventilation ducting to amplify airflow and maintain a well-ventilated environment for your cherished plants.

Their efficient design maximises airflow, ensuring that your garden receives the necessary fresh air and adequate ventilation, promoting healthier growth and bountiful yields.

Crafted with precision and using top-notch materials, these are built to withstand the rigours of continuous operation.

Count on their robust construction and reliable performance to provide you with years of dependable service, making them a smart investment for any gardening endeavor.

Garden HighPro Exhaust Fans are the perfect fit for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re setting up a grow tent, hydroponic system, or indoor greenhouse, these offer easy installation and adaptability to various setups.

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100mm, 150mm


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